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Formwork System


In this competitive market of Real Estate and Infra projects, one of the most important aspect of a successful structural construction is the Formwork System for columns, beams, slabs and walls. Navkaar Aluminium formwork System will result in cost reduction, faster construction, superior quality, manpower reduction and is the most efficient technology available in the market. Navkaar Aluminium Formwork system is a modular form of construction made of lightweight aluminium frames and components which are designed and fabricated to suit the project requirement. With its in house engineering, designing, fabrication and installation team. Navkaar Aluform Services Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide range of products and services which is suitable for mass construction (complete system for monolithic structures) and for traditional construction (partial use of formwork used for casting of wall, slab, columns and beams) where speed and quality is superior to using timber or other formwork.



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Ongoing Site work with Aluminium Formwork

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Advantages of Aluminium Formwork System:

  • Speed: Due to the easiness of assembly, the casting cycle is reduced.
  • Quality: due to the smooth finished surface and accurate dimensioned panels, there is no need for plastering or remedial work after concrete casting.
  • Manpower: Due to the easiness of assembly, the no. of skilled workers is reduced substantially.
  • Cost: Initial cost occurs to be high, but due to its repetition overall cost becomes much less than the other system formwork.
  • Increased Floor Space: For Monolithic construction, the useable floor space for the end user would on an average increase by almost 8% over RCC design.
  • Mobility: Due to the light weight, the formwork panels and components are easy to handle and can be carried onto next level without using the crane.
  • Environment Friendly: The system doesn’t use timber but only recyclable materials, is more resistant to earthquakes and overall improves the site cleanliness.
  • Safety: The Aluminium formwork System is jointed by the pin and wedge which makes it safer. No need to remove props and prop heads while dismantling slab panels.
  • Scrap value: Even after project completion, the scrap value realization is very high which is Nil or negligible in case of traditional formwork.
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Comparision in between Aluminium/ Conventional/ Mild steel formwork system

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Graph showing reducing cost of construction with the increasing repetation