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Column & Slab Shuttering


Adjustable column box formwork

This formwork design is truly a boon for small to medium size contractor and builders. After replacing traditional timber formwork for column casting with Aluminium Formwork Column Box Adjustable Shuttering, one gets quick and easy adjustment of the cross-section and height. Most importantly, it saves labour, time, gives better finish & can be repeated over 100 times. In this formwork design, the system components are less and these can be combined with other panels to construct larger columns/walls.

  • Adjustable Column Box Shuttering by Leading Construction company in Kolkata , Navkaar Group.
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  • Navkaar Column Box
  • Single Pillar view work in progress for Column box shuttering

Lift, Shaft & Shear Wall formwork

Available in small quantities, these are extremely versatile and easy to use wall formwork which fits all types of requirements like standard concrete walls, perimeter basement walls, shaft walls, lift wall, foundations and footings, abutments, boundary wall, retaining wall, culvert wall etc. The frames are made of Aluminium and can be adjusted on site to give different wall sizes and height. These modular Aluminium frames are easy to clean and can be reused across different projects with better finish and accuracy. Most importantly, this type of formwork design reduces manpower, gives faster & better finishes.


  • Construction product Lift and Shaft Wall Formwork by Navkaar Group Construction company in Kolkata.
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  • lift-formwork-by-navkaar
  • lift formwork made in aluminium by Navkaar Aluform





Staircase formwork

When it comes to erecting a staircase in a traditional way then it’s the most tiring job because it results in imprecise dimensions, time consumption and wastage. However, when it comes to modular staircase formwork, we can get the most accurate floor heights because of the maintenance of accurate and finish in the panels. The best part of this design is that it is highly useful in places where there is very little space. You can also make customisation in this formwork design and thus can be fitted in varied layouts that suits your need!

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  • Staircase Formwork By Leading Construction Company in Kolkata Navkaar Group.

Slab and beam formwork

Slab Formwork adds a lot of value to a project. It simplifies casting of slab and beam together with props that support the formwork system. With over 100 repetitions, these modern modular slab formwork system, comprised of panels facilitates fast forming operations. Also, minimum individual components and a systematic assembly sequence also play a vital role in fast simplification of tasks. For filler areas, complementary system components provide quick and reliable implementation solutions. Also, they can be dismantled easily with no danger of falling, thus providing protection to the worker. Most importantly, the supreme concrete finishing is a winner!

  • Leading Kolkata based onstruction company Navkaar Group product Slab and Beam Formwork.
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